Kids & Teens


"Kids & Teens" (Sunday School & Youth Group)

Our youth program is a place to learn to talk and listen to God within and to feel safe, loved, respected, and welcome. We bring good spirits, our talents, and personality to Unity in Greensboro! Purpose Statement created by our youth


Our Kids Group is for children ages four to eleven, or those in Pre-K through Elementary School. We meet each week during Sunday Service. To learn more about our Kids Group, check out our Kids page here.


Our Teen Group is for teens ages eleven to eighteen, or those in Middle and High School. We meet each week during Sunday Service. Opportunities such as retreats and virtual activities are available throughout the year. To learn more about our Teen Group, check out our Teen page here.


Email us at with any questions.


Frequently Asked Questions over faded background of a child's hands covered in paint

What do you teach?

We teach that God is Good and that Goodness is in all of us. Prayer and meditation are ways we can talk and listen to God, and are tools we can use to make a difference in our lives every day. We teach that action is an important part of the spiritual journey. Our programs often follow the same topics as the Sunday service, but presented through age appropriate methods. Additional topics can include values, mindfulness, self care, and leadership.

What should my child expect?

Each Sunday lesson begins with a check in and opening prayer. The lesson topic may be introduced through a story, video, or game. We love crafts and activities! The teens are very involved in leading their group meetings and coming up with exciting plans for Sundays. 
Attire is casual, but school appropriate.

My child has allergies or needs accommodations. Can they participate?

We strive to make all kids feel welcome at UIG, and will make make accommodations to the best of our ability. Please reach out to our Youth Coordinator in advance to ensure an adequate amount of time to inform our team and implement any necessary changes.

My child/teen indentifies within the LGBTQ+ community. Will they be accepted?

Absolutely. We believe that God doesn't make mistakes, and so kids and teens of all gender and sexual identities are accepted and affirmed as being exactly who they are supposed to be. 

What is your view on diversity?

Diversity of all forms is welcome at UIG. We recognize and affirm all racial, ethnic, cultural, gender, sexual, age, and other identities as well as disabilities. We are all here to learn and grow together.