What Visitors Want to Know


When are Sunday Services?
At 10:30 a.m. every Sunday

How long is your service?
Usually an hour and fifteen minutes

How large is your community?
Nearly 60 members - and growing!

What happens at a Sunday service?
We craft our service so you feel welcomed and inspired. Both upbeat and reverent, our time includes: 

  • Prayer, both guided and silent meditation
  • Music that uplifts
  • Message/talk, with insights to foster spiritual growth, practical life-affirming solutions to everyday challenges, and spiritual practices that awaken you to your spiritual nature

As a first-time visitor, what can I expect?
Arriving a few minutes early means you choose to sit where you want. During the service, you will be recognized and receive a welcome packet. We want you to feel comfortable andrelax, sing, join in and feel inspired. Immediately after service, get to know us and our families better when we fellowship around snacks in our hospitality space. 

What do I wear?
Whatever style that makes you comfortable, whether casual or Sunday best

I have children. May I bring them?
Absolutely! We welcome children of all ages in our service.

How can we continue to keep in touch?

  • If you give us an email, you’ll get our emails about upcoming services, classes, workshops and other evemts
  • Our website contains information, especially our calendar of events
  • You can find more info on Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UnityinGreensboro/