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About the Teens

Our teen group is for teens ages eleven to eighteen, or those in Middle and High School. We meet every Sunday, in-person. Please email the Youth Coordinator to access the Zoom link. Our teens participate in regional events in their respective age groups: Uniteens (Middle School) and Youth of Unity [Y.O.U.] (High School).


Our Sunday lessons are interactive and engaging, with games, activities, and deep discussion. We love delving into thought provoking spiritual topics, mental health, and teen challenges. 


Service is one of our strongest values. We believe in walking the walk, not just talking the talk. We are an official Roots & Shoots group through the Jane Goodall Institute. Our group helps organize a UIG community wide service project every semester, the Earth Day Scavenger Hunt Challenge, and plenty of other opportunities based on the interests and passions of our group. 


Leadership is another strong value at UIG. Teens have many opportunities to learn and practice leadership skills in a non-judgmental, supportive environment. Leadership roles are often the most cherished experiences of UIG Youth, and are often included on college applications and resumes. Check out the following opportunities for teens to get involved in leadership! Note: the ones marked "Y.O.U." are specifically for high school aged participants. 

  • Sunday Teen Lesson (part or all)
  • Involvement in Sunday Services
  • Service Project & Event Planning
  • Prayer Chaplaincy Training
  • Religious Emblem Scouting Badge
  • Y.O.U. Regional Leadership Training
  • Y.O.U. Rally Family Group Leader
  • Y.O.U. Zone Leader for the Carolina Zone
  • Y.O.U. Regional Representative
  • International Y.O.U. Officer
  • International Y.O.U. Ambassador
  • Y.O.U. Leaders of Vision Award


When you ask a Unity teen to describe teen programs in one word, the answer is always "acceptance." Here's the thing, our Uniteens and Y.O.U.ers get that life can be hard sometimes - and being a teen is full of challenges - so it's best to lift each other up and support each other.

Retreats & Events

Teens can participate in a number of regional retreats throughout the year, as well as our local events! Check out the Retreats & Events page for more information on the middle and high school retreats.

What We're Looking Forward To

  • Retreats In Person!
  • Social Events
  • Field Trips & Outings
  • Service Projects
  • Food
  • Lock Ins

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There's lots going on in the Southeast Region too!

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Sick, out of town, or otherwise unable to join UIG Youth in person? Hop onto the Regional Zoom Lessons, hosted separately at 10 AM Eastern for Middle and High School students respectively. Email the Youth Coordinator to get Zoom link.