Sunday Services

Upcoming Sunday Messages & Musicians

August 1st

Speaker: Rev. Wally White
Musican: Elaine Penn
Jesus was a healer and said that we would be able to even more than he did. We will look at the metaphysical lessons behind some of his healings so that we might learn to heal whatever is not helping us live our highest, happiest, and best life.


August 8th

Speaker: Rev. Wally White
Musican: Anita Shaver
Unity teaches us that using denials and affirmations is a way to let go of the old and bring in the new. By doing that, we help ourselves live in the present moment more fully so that we are prepared to accept all the good that God has in store for us.

August 15th

Speaker: Rev. Wally White
Musican: Sandy Hemenway
Stella Terrill Mann gives us eight pointers in helping us to Speak the Word with the authority with which we inherently are born.

August 22nd

Speaker: Rev. Wally White
Musican: Ethan Lopez
When you pray, do you ask or claim? Do you give thought to who you are praying to or do you just start talking? Unity gives us a 5-step prayer process to help us pray in a way to bring about the change we seek.

August 29th

Speaker: Rev. Wally White
Musican: Amie & Tal Crews 
Rev. Wally will read excerpts from an uplifting book and then open up the floor for members to speak. Our ushers will help pass around the microphone. Ask questions, tell us what you think, challenge what’s been presented as true. When we talk together, we will grow together.