Earth Day Challenge


A GooseChase is a photo and video scavenger hunt app that can be joined from any location and completed individually or in teams.

What do I need for this game?

A smart device - either a phone or tablet with internet access.

Can I join the game before the start date?

Yes. You won't be able to see the Missions until the game launches on the 18th, but you will already be logged in and ready to go when it launches.

How to Play:

Download the GooseChase App and join the game by using the instructions below. On April 18th, as soon as service is over, Missions will be revealed. Complete the earth themed Missions to earn as many points as you can. There are over 100 Missions. You do not have to complete them all, and some Missions may not apply to everyone. Each Mission will present a challenge or task to do and ask you to take a photo or video as you complete that challenge. You can take  your photo or video through the app, or take it using your camera app and upload it later. Everyone will be able to see each other's photos and videos within the app, so you can check out what other people are doing, get ideas, or foster some friendly competition.

Can I play with my family/partner/roommate?

Yes! You can play as 1) just you, 2) you and a partner, or 3) as a whole family. When you join the game, it will ask for a name. If playing as a family, you could use a name such as "the Baker family" or "Bob's Family." However, if you're playing as a team, make sure to include your teammates in your photos. Divide and conquer will be considered unfair and will not count towards the prize. If you're feeling more competitive though, you can encourage some internal competition by playing kids vs parents, or partner vs partner. Just know, each player profile needs it's own device. So, if you're playing as a team (great for families with younger kids or couples with only one smart device) then you only need one device for your team. If members of your household are playing separately, they'll each need to have their own device. 

How do I win?

Each Mission is worth a certain number of points. By completing more Missions or higher value Missions, you can earn more points. We will be offering a prize to the adult/adult team with the most points and the kid/teen/family team with the most points. However, the Missions are a lot of fun, and many of them challenge us to think about nature, the environment, and how we show up in the world. You don't have to play competetively! You can totally just play for fun. 

What if I don't want to play or don't have a smart device, but would like to see the pictures?

Join us on Zoom on April 22nd for a check in! We'll be sharing some of the best pictures so far and talking about Earth Day. Highlights of the games may also be posted on social media after the game ends.

Can I still attend the Zoom call on April 22nd if I'm not playing?

Yes! Everyone is welcome, whether they are playing or not. 

Is there any way to play offline?

If you would like to play without a smart device, you can email Miranda Baker for further instructions. Offline players cannot play competitively.

How do I join the game?

Use these written instructions or the video instructions below them.

  1. On your smart device, access your app store.
  2. In the app store, search for "GooseChase" (without the quotation marks though). The app logo is two orange goose footprints.
  3. Install the app. You may need your account password for this. The app is free. 
  4. When the app has installed, open the app. If you have never used this app before, you will need to create a new account. Please do not choose to "Play as Guest," as you will not be able to associate a name with your account. Choose to play with a new account and follow the steps to do so. You will need a valid email address and to create a password. If you already have an account, you can log in.
  5. When you have created your account, a screen will present that asks for a game code. Enter "B5BXV5" without the quotation marks and click "Join Game."
  6. The app will ask for a password. That password is "1111" (without quotation marks), just like the Zoom password on Sundays. 
  7. The app will then ask for your name. If playing as an individual, please use your name. If playing as a team, please include the names of your teammates or your family name. When done, click "Create Player and Join Game"
  8. If you are joining before the game officially opens at 11 am on April 18th, you will see "Waiting to Start." At the start time, the game will show up and you will have access to the list of Missions.